General question regarding applets on Ubuntu Budgie

Which applets that are available on Ubuntu Budgie are developped by the Ubuntu Budgie project and which are created by the Budgie Desktop project?

None of the applets displayed on the budgie applets page have been developed by upstream.

All upstream applets are part of the budgie desktop repo

All those applets are automatically installed in Ubuntu budgie.

All applets on our budgie applets page have a link to where the maintainer hosts their repo.

All applets created by Ubuntu budgie are located in our github repo

So, say, I would like to propose that Applets like Expose should be a desktop setting rather than an Applet without a panel icon, is that Ubuntu Budgie specific or would I have to bring this idea up with the Solus project?

I think expose has been brought up on the upstream tracker previously … it isn’t a v10.x target. Maybe a future version of budgie but no published plans that I am aware of.

As such our current implementation is an applet. We do not change budgie fundamentally from that published … that will just cause confusion all round.

It will need to be reworked in the future if/when budgie moves on to using future technologies. As such when we get there if upstream hasn’t developed expose… and assuming we are in a position to rewrite our current version we could offer it to upstream.

It’s all if and buts at the moment whilst upstream decide on a strategic way forward.