Why Ubuntu Budgie has more applets available than Solus Budgie?

Didn’t Solus create the Budgie desktop? How is it possible that they don’t have all the applets that are available on the Budgie flavor of Ubuntu??
To be honest, Solus seems so “basic and limited”, not only in the availability of apps in their repos but the applets that are missing [by default].
Why is it happening? I’m used to the distribution that created something be more complete than different distros using the same desktop.

(Solus applet availability)

It is simply this - They have strict guidelines on languages, and how they want things implemented. Whereas we take a more pragmatic approach and evaluate on what we feel will be beneficial to the community and distro. We strive for quality, but have not set any hard lines. We evaluate things as they come on individual merit.

Each project has different goals. That is all.


EDIT - My comment of ‘We strive for quality, but have not set any hard lines.’ may read odd. We always prioritise quality, but my point is more so around the fact that we do not eliminate by default based on the tech.