Applet execution

Hello, I am a rookie in Linux and I apologize in advance if my questions seem a bit silly, I am using Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 and it works perfectly, but I do not clarify to use applets or mini-applications such as:
Panoramic applet of workspaces
desktop wallpaper in workspaces
minizplication active corners
These and some others I have installed but I can not find them to use.
Does anyone know how they run?

Could you mention the exact names of the applets? If you mean previews -it’s activated via the main menu. Others like hotcorners are mostly to be added to the panel in Budgie Desktop Settings.

Hello, I think I got confused in the forum and should have posted this on Budgie Applets. I already see how to add applets in the Budgie Desktop Configuration panel, such as hotcorners, but the one in “Wallpaper Switcher” I add it in different parts of the panel but I don’t get it.

The wallpaper (workspace) switcher, if added to the panel, works as follows: while on one workspace, just set the wallpaper you like. Go to another workspace, set another wallpaper. The applet remembers which wallpaper you set for which workspace.

Hello again, I install the “Wallpaper Switcher” applet I add it to the panel but it does not appear on the panel like the other applets, I have done this in a virtual machine and in a laptop in which I have installed Ubuntu Budgie 19.10, at accessing the desktop to change the background makes me the same for everyone.



See the line in the settings section: “applet runs without a panel icon”. As I said, please just go to the workspace, set a wallpaper as usual. That’s all. Wallpaper is them remembered for that workspace.