Google calendar sync

It seems gnome-calendar in ubuntu budgie 18.04 beta 1 is unable to access Google calendars even if the google account has been added to online accounts. Is it just me or it’s a known gnome-calendar issue?
btw, I’m coming from Ubuntu 14.04 (my workstation) and 16.04 (my laptop), and I’m testing ubuntu-budgie on a refurbished HP EliteBook 8470p I just bought, and I really love it!

Same thing for me

Google Calendar sync well on 17.10 ( my production computer) but I am having the same issue with 18.04 Beta.

I can add my google account but I then go into the calendar applet, I don’t see my Google Calendar info. Even if I manually click sync

Fresh 18.04 install in a VM ( Oracle Virtual Box).

Good day gents. This would have to be filed upstream with the calendar. I’m on mobile right now, but I would be curious what the version differences are. I’ll see if I can reproduce on my machine layer today.

In addition to @bashfulrobot suggestion - please notify the Canonical devs via running the following in a terminal

ubuntu-bug gnome-calendar 

It may be reassigned by the bug triagers - but at least the Canonical devs will be made aware of this issue as well.


done. I reported it following your recommendations


I have had the same issue on 18.04 beta. No real information other than one time I was attempting to set it up, it crashed with the report of
gnome-control-center crashed with SIGSEGV in remove_all_custom_widgets()

The issue seems to have been solved with last update yesterday. Gnome Calendar can now sync with Google Calendar


Agreed, magically working today…

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