Graphical alt-tab, using external program

Hi there,

Have been improving the Open Source program ‘skippy-xd’. So that it supports ‘alt-tab’ behaviour. Before it was more like expose utility / mouse activated.

The modifications are already in a usable state. However I’m not finished yet. There are still some bugs remaining in the way the mouse cursor focuses / re-focuses when it moves across window previews. Also wanted to implement some more new features, such as remembering the window history.

You can get from my github fork here:

Just bear in mind it’s not been released yet. And will have some bugs in it. This program is also known to segfault from time to time. So invokation through the included wrapper script skippy-xd-runner is essential.

There are already some general instructions in the However there are more specific instructions for Budgie users in the following gist file here:

Superb - I’ve starred. Shout when you feel its ready and I’ll update our deb backports package with this fork.

Congrats and well done :slight_smile:

Yeah sure no problem. I will come back again and make a further update after fixing those pending bug fixes.

Also anyone else who uses it: Please also feel free to raise issues / bug reports in my github fork, the issues tracker.

BTW using this external program is just meant to be a temporary solution. For the time being. Until somebody else can come along later on and make / improve the native alt-tab feature that is already build into Budgie. (Which is not graphical, the default when you install budgie). It is written in the vala language.

The reason I mention that is because: This external program (skippy-xd) is purely X windows based. It can never work in wayland. So when Budgie wants to migrate / add native wayland support in distant future. You will need to move over to something else. And unfortunately I cannot be supporting those new vala / wayland stuff. It’s not in my destiny! This is probably OK for the meantime though. Until some other developer does it properly. Kind Regards.

I’m more than happy to promote good work like this through - for example - budgie welcome recommendations where there is a dedicated and active maintainer.

As you mentioned in the README - you don’t have the time to do so - if you do feel that you can answer and help with any issues then we can do the promotion work.

This is awesome. Always liked skippy.