Guys, MEDIA and PRODUCTION people

I make my own music. Check out the melody “see” on I was very satisfied with this. I own my own small company and just started up with a complicit (was the translation) but he is into making freestyle rap dubbed over music. So we have a good thing going.
Further more, if anyone want to chat with me, I am available on IRC just say hi.
I have made a bunch of articles on technical stuff like harddrives that I have used school books like MCST about each topic and kinda compressed it into a very easy readable way. To improve theese documents I would like to add some illustrations etc. Now, at a place i some times work they publish some magazines with inDesign by Adobe. Now, I came by a program a while ago when starting up making some media and came along a linux program that was the same as inDesign only free and linux version. Anyone know the name of this program? Also… I would love to have some graphic with my songs. If anyone want to contribute, as you can see on soundcloud I kinda made a rose as the image. It needs fine adjusting and coloring. Feel free and if you like the song I will be sure to greet you personally on the E.P it is made for. I was not sure if I wanted anything to leak out from this E.P but… You’r all welcome. hope you enjoy! My mail is if you would like to contribute by making the rose adjusted abit and color it :slight_smile: Cool, so, guess I will browse some topics and see if I can help out too :slight_smile:

I’d say SCRiBUS ?
Available through official repositories of your Ubuntu ( v1.4.8 in 19.10, v1.5.5 in 20.04 )
Aimed at desktop publishing ( pdf/pdf-X export in CMYK ) and thus professional prints.

Sometimes LibreOffice ( Draw or Writer ) is enough.
Note that styles used in LO can be imported in Scribus, allowing a continuous workflow.

And of course Gimp, for improving your pictures.

Original App Linux App
In Design Scribus
Photoshop Glimpse or Gimp
Illustrator Inkscape or Krita
Premier Openshot, KDEnlive, Lightworks
After effects Blender

Hope that helps.

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If you really wanted to, you could even theme them!

I did this for a while, but lost interest after multiple updates.

That looks great. Just not sure if I want to install the applications, because when my Ubuntu system crashed, right before I changed the flavour and just did a small backup of important stuff… People said like… Don’t install to many apps etc. The problem then was that my admin user I had some issues with, it wouldn’t take my regular password and I tried sudo from another user trying to change the password but every time I did the password was not accepted so, I just did a reinstall because I really wanted to try another Ubuntu version. Glad I did. So, I think I might try to install these apps at some point, just not at the moment. Are you guys replying here creative? Like with media, sound and graphics? If so, I would just reach out and have connection with you, either on email or if any of you use IRC.