Interested in media, photography and imageing

Hi guys! I have downloaded the “equalients” to the Adobe apps (Sribus,
Glimps, Gimp, Inkscape, Krita). I was wondering if i could use them
to make a collague? I need both an image collague and a collague
in HTML. Is there any program that can write the code for me as well?
Either that or i will import the collague image :slight_smile:

Look at photocollage which is available in the repositories

What repository? How?

Install the package via a terminal or just search for it in gnome software

Thank you… I just notice “fossfreedom”, I ran into FOSS:2020 ALOT when I search the net for stuff like “4 best photo applications”, what is FOSS :slight_smile: Just wonder about that… Also, I am starting a creativity channel on Discord, just got a bot on it… It is called creativitychannel :slight_smile: I will soon have a web page, I need someone a bit experienced on my team! What a cool thing if you would like to join on Discord my name is: bitxcfbit. I am making educational material. I have background in both engineering, working technichian and i have a specialist degree also went to an academy. Would love to have interesting and creative conversations :slight_smile: Just putting it out there, send me a text. bitxcfbit#4773

Will this tool make HTML for you? Can i use it to create PDF then back with a program that can convert from PDF to HTML? It would be helpfull if the program had a homepage

The photocollague program seem to only add pictures underneath eachother. I cannot get it to make photo stay in coulumns and rows as i like… Do you know any other programs?