Hello exist the possibility

I would like if it’s possible to typing in french because my english is not perfect?

Please try to write in english.

Then also add the french text below the english. For people that do not speak french they can always try to use google-translate to help you if they don’t understand your written english.

Hope that helps.

Thanks , no problem I continued to write English.
I would like to know the reason why it’s not possible for install this “conky-manager” or “radiotray”…But I have the same (radiotray.ng) but not correct for me because , it’s impossible to joint 5 radio inside ?? No chance . I try any logicians in the “discover” see u soon thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Conky manager hasn’t been updated recently. I think there is a PPA for 18.04 you could locate with a web search if that is the Ubuntu version in use . Radio Tray has a snap package available.

sudo snap install radiotray-ng --edge

Yes I know that for conky-manager, I have install it few years ago with success . But for radiotray I try this command for add 5 or 6 french radio like “France inter” …In radiotray we have many radio of many country in the word etc many thanks c u s :grinning:

Thank you but :
the snap “radiotray-ng” are installed, see « snap help refresh »
snap are also OK, but what use this visit to snap help refresh ?
I can’t install add some french radio inside. I have used this radiotray-ng 1or 2 years ago. No trouble I have add 5 french radio inside :innocent: