How do I download the daily build?

Hi, How do you install daily build ? You use a virtual machine to refresh daily or something else. I would love to contribute but I need some guidance.

I use zsync to download the daily from here

sudo apt install zsync

mkdir ~/Downloads/jammy
cd ~/Downloads/jammy

This will download the iso to a jammy subfolder in your Downloads folder.

Then when you want to get the latest - say next week - then just make sure you are in that subfolder and rerun the zsync command again.

zsync just downloads differences thus saves your bandwidth.

I use a combination of spare hardware and a virtualbox virtual machine to install the iso.

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I created a partition on my older laptop and after installation I update daily.I rarely have broken installations but it does happen during the development cycle. Don’t use a development release for your daily driver and familiarize yourself with bug reporting.

I am getting following error while starting the VM.

If you are using virtualbox installed from the repos then you should ubuntu-bug the issue.

If this is virtualbox installed from the oracle repo then you need to jump onto the oracle forums.