How to change indicator color in Dock/Plank?

I see some indication that the source of Plank can be recompiled to accept custom indicator colors & to remove the glow - but I am having difficulty recompiling. I can manage to recompile master but for whatever reason the patches I apply fail due to an error related to at least 2 files in the ./data directory not existing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I want this right here & if anyone knows how to successfully patch and compile I would be in your debt. (I will also venmo or send a $50 amazon gift card to anyone, the 1st one, who can either post a patch for the current master of Plank or submit a PR to my fork GitHub - rbreaves/plank: Stupidly simple.. I have burned too much time on this and just need it working already.)

Images of what I want.

Resources of code that ought to work?

Note: I posted this info on reddit too - so whoever gets to this first gets what I am offering essentially.

What ubuntu version are you compiling for?

Instructions you are using to compile? I.e. command line meson?

Are you compiling your git fork or a deb package with your indicator patch?

What error messages are you seeing when compiling?

I’m running Ubuntu Budgie 21.10.

I’ve not specifically installed meson for this I don’t guess, have used it to compile some prior projects, but not this one I don’t guess unless it installed & is running w/o me realizing it. This is what I have been running.

sudo apt install autopoint valac libgnome-menu-3-dev libxml2-utils build-essential libgtk-3-dev libgee-0.8-2 libgee-0.8-dev libbamf3-dev libwnck-3-dev

# or

sudo make && sudo make install

Someone over at the elementary subreddit A–E sent me a repo that had it ready to go! Just also needed to make sure I did a sudo make uninstall before running theirs.

git clone
git checkout dock-monochrome-indicators

meson build --prefix=/usr
cd build
ninja test
ninja install

good good.

These sorts of things I certainly am interested in.

May consider this sort of thing if/when we fork plank for budgie(-extras)

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Yea, it’d be really nice to get that sorted in the distro, but so far I am not sure that I have seen any distro have this integrated just yet. It is surprising that elementary hasn’t accepted the PR or fix whatever perceived issues they may have with it. I was about to say a lot more about their wingpanel and global menu PR - but I think they have softened up against global menus if someone was to submit one again (as an option).