Minor graphical bugs regarding AppIndicator Applet

I’ve come to bring notice to a strange bug when i open applications that leave an icon in the AppIndicator applet, or “system-tray” for what it’s worth. I’ll post a scrot exhibiting two apps: Steam and Discord

The steam/discord icons themselves are veiled for some reason, however with discord, it sometimes flashes back to how it should normally look as some kind of visual feedback of something, I presume.

The bottom picture shows how it looks normally. Also, the clock applet toward the right shifts slightly downward as long as something is sitting in the appindicator applet. It’s subtle, but it’s there.
I’ve used Ubuntu budgie a few months prior before and experienced the same bug. I’ve also used Manjaro Budgie and Solus Budgie several times ithout ever having experienced this.

Is there a fix for this? Am I missing a dep? I’m open to feedback requesting testing, so hit me up.
Thank you for reading.

What icon-set are you using? Do you see the same thing with another set of icons?

So I have some results.

What icon-set are you using? Do you see the same thing with another set of icons?

The icon theme I’m using is Papirus-Dark not from the papirus-icon-theme package, but from the wget they put on their site.
But the issue seems to come not from the icon set I use, but from the GTK theme I’m using. The theme I’m using is “Plata-Noir”, a theme I ripped STRAIGHT out of the /usr/share/themes/ of the Solus-Budgie distro. I also host it publicly on a github repo: GitHub - Ccjr0/plata-theme-solusedition: The default custom Plata theme that comes installed on Solus 4.1 Fortitude, the Linux distribution

( L to R: Pocillo-Theme, Plata-Noir+Pocillo-Icons, Plata-Noir+Humanity-Icons )

Messing with the “stylize regions” toggle in budgie settings didn’t help it either.
Are you sure this is an “upstream” issue for lack of a better word, or do you think you can actually fix this?

Thanks for the quick response.

I suspect it’s because the plata theme is trying to alter the icon shading for application indicators … it possibly doesn’t have any specific theming for app indicators.

I cant comment about what changes if any solus makes to their theme but I would double check from the original authors git repo just in case it’s a solus distro specific issue or a more general plata theme issue

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May I ask why you installed the icon theme and the GTK theme in the way you described?

I am not an expert, just an interested Ubuntu Budgie user who also likes the look of Solus Budgie. Just take a look at my current desktop.

With Budgie Welcome, the Ubuntu Budgie developers have given us a handy app that makes it easy to customise the look of the desktop according to personal preferences. If you want your Ubuntu Budgie to look like the default Solus Budgie, all you have to do is start Budgie Welcome, go to Themes & Layouts, install the Plata theme and then apply both the Plata makeover and the Traditional Budgie layout, as described here. If you prefer a darker theme, you can easily adjust this accordingly in the Budgie desktop settings by choosing the darker variants of the icon theme and the GTK theme.

As you can see, Ubuntu Budgie users don’t have to search the internet to find the appropriate icons and themes for the desktop customisations mentioned above. Hence my question.

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There is also a ppa for papirus-icon-themes which will get updates ( and provides also papirus-folder for matching colors and other nice things… )

I don’t think the problem come from icons but rather from how « widgets » ( therefore gtk-themes ) handle panels, applets and system tray in Budgie : some themes do that better than others, see also what happens when switching on/off « integrated theme » in Budgie Desktop Settings.
Or maybe change the size of your top-panel.

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I had no such idea about this, bloody brilliant! - Although the issue with that such Plata theme is that the color is not of the Solus blue, it’s a purple which i absolutely hate.

@Coeur-Noir Yeah I already have the papirus ppa and pap-folders.

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Tastes and colors… I personally avoid everything blue, so boring, blue. Lol. Hence my Adapta gtk theme is the DeepOrange one. And ( the whole ) Adapta theme handles quite nicely anything Budgie so far.

For changing color of Plata, you may build it from sources, explained here : tista500 / plata-theme · GitLab

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