Show us your Budgie Desktop

Any idea where I could find that landscape?
This is the kind of places I travel to, and I might need to pin it.

Sure! Found this pic on the Unsplash site and this landscape is in Alberta, Canada.
Take care and safe travels!

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Show time and conky.

Another wallpaper with the Ubuntu Budgie logo made by Karl Schneider. It’s simple, clean and it gives the desktop a classy look. In addition, it goes wonderfully with the Plata theme.

Wallpaper: Flags of Linux wallpapers

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This is my configuration, theme WhiteSur.
Icons in the system tray: CopyQ, Telegram, Slack, Discord, Flameshot.
Additionals applets: Calendar and weather I guess
Shell: ZSH, command neofetch.
Plank Icons: Show desktop, Nemo, Visual Studio Code, Vivaldi, Tilix, League Of Legends, Geary, Slack, Discord, Telegram, Google Playstore of Anbox, FileRoller, Adobe Photoshop CC.
Wallpaper: I guess that it’s by default gallery.


New year, new desktop. Every now and then you should try something new. That’s why I have changed my desktop layout to Traditional Budgie. Since I am primarily a Mac user and have always tried to make my Linux PC look like the Mac, after all these years I now want to use something other than the classic Cupertino layout. And I like it! I wish you all a happy new year.


Budgie with Spring icons.

Hi, what Gtk3 theme / icons are you using? Looks cool …

I’d say icons are Papirus ( from repositories or ppa papirus : “Papirus” team )

Thank you very much. I’m glad you like it. I only use themes and layouts that are offered through Budgie Welcome, so it’s relatively easy for anyone interested to recreate the desktop shown.

Theme: Plata-Compact
Icons: Papirus
Desktop layout: Traditional Budgie
Mouse pointer: Paper
Font: Ubuntu Regular 11
Wallpaper: Material Twilight Linux Wallpapers by Karl Schneider

Cameo OSX GTK & La Capitaine Icons



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For those that have downloaded and installed the excellent whitesur gtk theme and icon themes, we now have prebuilt packages available for 20.04/20.10 & 21.04 in our backports PPA.

sudo apt install whitesur-icon-theme whitesur-gtk-theme

In due course we will add a full makeover into budgie-welcome. We haven’t yet decided upon which variant of whitesur we will default to in budgie-welcome - feel free to let us know what variant would work best in your opinion.

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This is my configuration:
S.O - Ubuntu budgie 21.04
Laptop: Slimbook Pro X 15 intel/nvidia GTX 1650Max-Q
Theme - Mojave.
Shell: Fish+ufetch.
Wallpaper: Download with fondo(flatpak) “dark+Osman Roman”.


Personally, I could probably puke at the MacOS wannabe.

But that’s the power and beauty of both Linux and Budgie, you are given the ability to make that choice for yourself, pick whatever theme and layout that suits your tastes and workflow best.
And in the end, if this is what makes you happy, I’m all for it. Whatever floats your boat.

Choice is good.

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Nice papes.

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That wallpaper is a perfect fit for your theme.

Do you know where it was taken? The location.

No idea, but it’s in the default desktop backgrounds selection (20.04 at least)
And the theme is the default Pocillo-light-slim theme.