Tray icons missing | KStatusNotifierItem support

Tray icons of some apps are not shown in AppIndicator applet. I believe the underlying problem is with KStatusNotifierItem support. Apps like Slack, Element are some examples.

This is a known issue by the upstream ayatana project - basically those apps are passing an icon type that is not known to ayatana

There’s an applet but it’s not maintained.


Ok - I think I have found the issue.

We deliberately hid those icons due to chrome based extensions back in 2019 ((K)SNI support and google chrome hangouts extension · Issue #22 · UbuntuBudgie/budgie-indicator-applet · GitHub) showing two broken icons in the applet.

chrome now have resolved this in the latest versions of chrome.

So - if you are willing lets test the fix thoroughly.

Please first raise a bug report on launchpad

ubuntu-bug budgie-indicator-applet

Next let me know what version of UB you are using (22.04?) and I’ll create a PPA for you to test out the fix. If this works we can upload the fix as part of a stable release into the archive

I created a bug here: Bug #2023519 “Some tray icons are missing” : Bugs : budgie-indicator-applet package : Ubuntu

UB: 22.04.2 LTS
Budgie Desktop: 10.7.1

Ok - here is a test PPA

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntubudgie-dev/chrome-icons
sudo apt full-upgrade

logout and login

Check carefully - let me know step by step how you are testing.

Once done you can purge the PPA to return back to the repository version

sudo ppa-purge ppa:ubuntubudgie-dev/chrome-icons

When I purge, will it revert back to previous version?

yes it will. this way it allows people to test stuff and if things arent quite right then its very easy to return back to the status-quo without needing to reinstall things

Thanks, it works. Element (The green one) was not there earlier.


May be, if the order is right-left, element should be first then, teams because teams was already running.

ordering is another issue. Here I am interested in ensuring no regressions with existing indicators as well as these kstatusnotifier based indicators.

You mentioned slack causes issues as well. Still?

As I mentioned - I need step by step instructions how you are testing - I will copy-paste these into your bug report as part of the stable-release-update process.

I see bitwarden tray icon missing, but I reverted and tested. Still missing, I’m not sure about this one. I had seen the tray icon of bitwarden in the past. Confused.

  1. Slack - Not working
  2. Element - Working
  3. Discord - Working

Tested tray menu items and they’re working. However I found a scenario which causes a crash. It’s not part of this update. Probably existed before.

You can check the videos here: Ubuntu Budgie - Google Drive

ok - bitwarden (snap) is passing an empty icon symbol to the applet. So thats a bitwarden issue.

the slack snap is correctly displaying an icon in the applet.

I don’t know what I am seeing in those videos. Better to describe in words what you are trying to-do.

You can see the desktop settings crashes randomly after removing or adding appindicator panel.

Ah. Minor issue since no one is likely to do an add/remove repeatedly.

Yes, the scenario might occur randomly but I can reproduce in 2 steps :slight_smile: Not part of this discussion though. But an analysis would be worth. Because the 2nd or 3rd crash shows a full screen white background with a log out button. “Oops something went wrong”. I can create another defect. But for the interest of the current issue, what else can be tested?

  1. Tray icon
  2. Tray icon menu actions and behaviours.
  3. Alignment issues.
  4. Updates to tray icon (Ex: badges)

The crash is a separate issue to be investigated by anyone who is so motivated.

If you think the existing issue resolution is good enough we can move ahead with a proper upload to ubuntu.

Absolutely! It looks good to me. Thanks!

Found a problem.

  1. Open an app with SNI (KStatusNotifierItem) tray icon.
  2. Open another app with SNI tray icon.
  3. Second one shows first one’s icon.

But it changes to the original icon when there is an update to the icon. Ex: New notification