Icons replaced with placeholder in Workspace Switcher

So far I’ve been using Ubuntu Budgie (currently on 21.10) and loving it, but I recently I noticed that the icons for some (but not all) apps were not showing up in the workspace switcher, but instead there was a placeholder image there instead.

The app icons that have been replaced with placeholders in the above image are Slack and Spotify. However, these same app icons do appear in the Dock (I’m a new user so I can’t include a second screenshot here, but trust me that they appear there as expected).

None of these apps are recently installed or anything, and I haven’t made any changes to icon packs or anything since I first installed the OS and DE. This is definitely relatively new behavior and these icons used to appear properly in the workspace manager, but I don’t remember exactly when it started happening, just that I only noticed it within the past few days.

I’m all ears for any suggestions or advice.

Hi and welcome!

Are the slack and spotify apps deb type installs or snap / flatpak installs.

Just wondering if there is an issue here with the type of install.

Also - have you changed your icon-theme? maybe the icon-theme you are using is causing this observation?

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@fossfreedom I did some testing and I confirm that the slack snap had the same issue. I thought it was a snap issue so I removed it, and installed Slack from the .deb package available on Slack site. Very interesting to see that the same issue remains.

I will switch themes/icons and play around to see if there is any combination that fixes that.

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In order to make things a bit clearer:

  • Slack icon is visible in Budgie Panel-to-Dock and Plank
  • Slack icon is visible in Budgie Panel AppIndicator Applet
  • Slack icon is not visible in Workspace Switcher
  • I sent pastebin of application launch output to @fossfreedom
  • Adding a couple of screenshots here to clarify the issue

Further updates, It really seems not related to snap packages. But at least it is easy to reproduce. Both issues are the same on both my Intel+Nvidia laptop, and my AMD desktop.

  • Installed Spotify via .deb package, same issue described above for Slack.
  • Removed, rebooted, installed Spotify snap package, same issue, same issue described above for Slack
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This I think is the upstream issue and how upstream regards as the actual issue

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Assuming something goes wrong in window.get_mini_icon() or something like that. Running budgie-panel --replace&, then leave the terminal open, get the output, if any, of the misbehaving windows(/applications) is opened would be helpful.

Ah, Josh’s comment on the issue seems to confirm it is Wnck.Window.get-mini-icon() -related. I will look if visualspace has the same issue, uses the same method.

Yeah, same issue, nothing in terminal output:

Seems not much we can do.

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I won’t help, just add my grain of salt.

I can see the same issue with dcp-o-matic ( .deb ) : its icons are ok everywhere except in workspace-switcher.

And maybe related - but probably linked to Web App Manager - I can see this behavior each time :
⋅ launching a web app ( let’s say based on chromium ) shows a chromium icon first in workspace switcher,
⋅ but shows the expected icon as set in .desktop file only if I move the app to another workspace OR if I minimize/maximize app window.