Little glitch with WorkspaceSwitcher


I noticed a little glitch with WorkspaceSwitcher applet for a couple of weeks now :
⋅ at session start its position is not correct, as if it was showing the + sign, but without the + sign… ( and I don’t expect the + sign )
⋅ once hovered, it takes its correct position and works nicely thereon.

So nothing really important but months ago, it behaved ok right from start.

( and some missing translations here too - I modified some in Transifex but can’t remember that one )

Theme issue? Does this occur with Plata, Arc Theme or Pocillo?

Theme is adapta here ( for some months now ).

I’ll try with other themes and get back.

We’ll have some test budgie-desktop v10.5 backports in the next few days - also worth testing those since there have been tweaks with various built in applets that may help here.

You could also try a 19.04 live iso to see if you can reproduce - that has budgie-desktop v10.5 baked in.

Look out for the testing post “coming soon”

Exactly same « wrong » behavior with pocillo theme and icons.

I add another one, but probably related to how Chromium works with « web app ».

( Chromium used to be nice with web app ago, now it adds a kind of headerbar and borders )