20.04 : workspace-switcher applet, add a workspace with d'n'd broken?


I love the « legacy » workspace switcher.
I’ve just noticed it no longer works in 20.04 the way it used to in 19.10 :

If you drag and drop an app from a workspace onto the + sign it does not add a new workspace.
It used to work like a charm on 19.10.

Now one has to first click on the + sign to add a new workspace and then after d’n’d the app.

As a side effect I guess, [ ctrl ]+[ alt ]+[ → ] no longer adds new workspace - and I admit it’s better like this.

But I really miss the mouse d’n’d over the + sign.

( never happy )

hmm - surprising obs. I’ve got 18.04 with the same version of budgie as 19.10 - but I cannot drag & drop an app either from the legacy menu or the new menu.

I don’t have a 19.10 image to play with at the moment though.

ah - wait - I can drag and drop from an app that is running in the workspace switcher onto the + on both 18.04 and 20.04 - and a workspace is created with that app.

Ah ah ah lol. Today it’s working like a charm too in 20.04.

I think my mistake comes from the animation - which has maybe changed between 19.10 and 20.04 ?

Nothing happens until you drop / release mouse.

Other cool change is now if a workspace becomes empty, it’s deleted, nice.

Sometimes the + sign does not disappear as it should do but no big deal.