Workspace switching not working in 19.04


I’ve been using using budgie for a few months now and decided to jump to beta 19.04 recently.
Everything was working fine for the most part. I’ve been using libinput-gestures to bind 3 fingers scrolling on my trackpad to switch workspace left and right (using “/usr/share/budgie-desktop/visualspace/visualspace prev next” (prev)) command to simulate macos workspace behaviour.

It was really great and fully functionnal, such behaviour should be native in most distros imo but that’s another discussion.

The problem is that, as of today, it’s just not working anymore i’ve tried to run “/usr/share/budgie-desktop/visualspace/visualspace prev” or “/usr/share/budgie-desktop/visualspace/visualspace next” from terminal, but i get this error message now:
“bash: /usr/share/budgie-desktop/visualspace/visualspace: No such file or directory.”

I have no clue how i lost the feature so i don’t really know how to resolve it.

PS: i’m using cosmic backports for the applets.

Have you got the package budgie-desktop-environment installed ?

well… i feel dumb, i just installed it and it’s back to normal, thank you very much !

Also worth checking ubuntu-budgie-desktop is also installed - it should ensure all recommended and essential packages are retained in the install.

Note - all applets should now have a disco backports variant so no need to use the cosmic backports any more.