Budgie Workspace Questions


I’m coming from Ubuntu Mate and I’m using Compiz and would like to give a try with Ubuntu Budgie now that Nautilus is no more the default file browser.

All my desktop experience is focused around Workspaces management and switching.

Two things are really essential and I would like to know if it is possible to:

  • Open application on a specific workspace (when opening an application this application goes directly to a specific workspace) natively (avoiding things like Devil’s Pie)
  • Switch between workspaces using an “Expo” like as in Compiz or Cinnamon.

Many thanks for your support.

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Two separate things. For your first issue I (or anyone interested) could very easy convert this daemon into a similar thing, but then for workspaces, filtering your apps and redirect them to workspaces. We’re actually thinking of making it an applet. Just mention if that would interest you. On your second issue: currently no, nothing like workspace expo exists.

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Mmm… The Budgie « Workspace Switcher » Applet is a kind of « little » exposé ; you can there move windows from workspace to other by drag’n’drop matching icons. And create new workspace ( depending on applet’s option ).


Thank you for your answers.

Yes I’m really interested (+100) by an applet which can filter apps and redirect them to a specific workspace.

Seems really good.

Does created workspaces survive to reboot or do you need to recreate them at each reboot ?


You can configure static number of workspaces - or dynamic workspaces (by default)

Great! Will edit a background proc into experimental somewhere next week. Applet needs a bit more work…

Hi @moocan freshly written snippet: https://github.com/UbuntuBudgie/experimental/tree/master/unreleased_ready_to_use/launch_toworkspace. Please mention if you (don’t) manage! To get your wm_class of windows you’d like to redirect to specific workspaces: run in terminal: xprop, then press [return] and click on the targeted window. The wm_class is in the last line of the output.

Hi all; sorry to jump into this thread; came here via searching for exactly this feature (setting dynamic desktop, like in GNOME). Failed to find how to set this up but this comment made me think this is somehow possible. How, if so?
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Which of the two features are you referring to? workspace previews or launch to a specific workspace?