Places applet : change icon?


reading this Showtime applet - change size
I assumed I may change Places applet’ icon by modifying

…but on next reboot, icon in ( my 53px left ) panel for places is still the same « little » folder-symbolic. I’d rather have the « big full colored » files/nautilus icon…

Any trick ? Or is its size a fixed value or type ?

The icon in the .plugin file sets the icon for Budgie Settings. The panel icon is determined in the applet, which is in this case in Vala. To change it would take changing the code and recompile. Note that on possible updates, changes would be overwritten in any case.

Ok thanks for explanation.

out of my reach for the moment :slight_smile:

I know places applet is seen as an indicator, hence its « little icon » but it also plays nice as a launcher for nautilus. Maybe a way to change or adapt its icon could find its … place ?

The thing is, The places applet is not produced by us:

Well in fact the icon in itself is not the problem, only its size not matching panel size… so :

the icons are determined by your icon-theme.

So for Pocillo, icons are defined in Pocillo, Moka & Faba … in that order.

So look for “folder-symbolic.svg” or “folder-symbolic.png” in your icon theme and replace that icon with a new icon named in the same way.

You then have to run sudo gkt-update-icon-cache /usr/share/icons/the_icon_theme_folder to ensure GTK+ icon cache is updated with the revised icon theme.

Well as mentioned later, it’s not really an issue with icon ( which can be changed like you say ) but with its size which never goes beyond « menu » size even when used in a larger panel, and so whatever icon set.