Showtime applet - change size

The showtime applet works fine on larger displays. However, my older Thinkpad has a 1280x800 display and Showtime is quite large. Anyway to reduce the size?

hmm - the font size is hard-coded at the moment.

@vlijm thoughts? The gold-plated solution would be to somehow detect the vertical resolution and calculate a font size based on that resolution.

@makitso in the interim you need to decrease the values in line 59 and 64 for /usr/lib/budgie-desktop/plugins/budgie-showtime/showtime the " 60" and " 25" values

in the interim you need to decrease the values…

Yes that fixed it – Thanks

what did you change the values to?

I set the values to 25

@fossfreedom @makitso good idea, making “my round” through the applets. Will make it either smart sized or add an option to customize.