Window sizes inconsistent

I have got a new laptop, an Asus Vivobook and one of the first things I did was installing Ubuntu Budgie on it. :slightly_smiling_face:

My Asus has a higher screen resolution than my old Dell. The screen is configured to 1920x1080.

Now some app windows have very different font sizes. In Budgie settings, for example, the fonts are a lot bigger than in the VLC Player.

How can I fix this?


VLC is a Qt app. Are the apps you are having issues with Qt based? They have to be configured separately … Gtk configuration changes dont change Qt stuff.

I am not a Qt person so cant really help with customisation options though.

I am not sure.

When I increase the height of the top panel, the applet icons inside also don’t grow accordingly (except the Budgie Menu icon).

Is this related?

Budgie panel doesnt scale most applets. Usually a fixed size somewhat. It’s an area I may look at at some point if I find some time, but mostly to work out if there are solutions to allow smaller panel sizes.

Thanks for looking into this.

I’ll search the net to find something out about the Qt-apps.

Any result I will let you you know …

I can help here. Install the qt5ct package from the repos, then open “Qt5 Settings” from the menu. There, under the fonts tab, change your font. If you run into a snag, check Can't use Qt5ct to change global application style to kvantum first

Hi, @codic, thanks for you your help.

I only had time t play around with your suggestion today. Unfortunately, the solution is not working.

I have tried installing the Qt5-settings app and added :


to both ~/.profile and /etc/environment.

Changing the font size to an extreme value, like 36, changes the font only in the settings app, but not in the VLC media player (and other applications, like Eclipse).

Yes, you have to press Apply and restart all open QT apps.

I did that a number of times… to no avail… even restarting my computer didn’t help.

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You did press apply? Try running qt5ct from the terminal. See if there are any errors when you apply

Of course, I pressed the the apply button. Otherwise, the Qt5 wouldn’t have the different font size.

As you can see in the screenshot, the Qt5 window has a different font-size than the VLC one.

Running qt5ct grom the terminal returns :

qt5ct: using qt5ct plugin
Configuration path: "/home/rainer/.config/qt5ct"
Shared QSS paths: ("/home/rainer/.local/share/qt5ct/qss", "/usr/share/budgie-desktop/qt5ct         /qss", "/usr/local/share/qt5ct/qss", "/usr/share/qt5ct/qss", "/var/lib/snapd/desktop/qt5ct/qss")
Shared color scheme paths: ("/home/rainer/.local/share/qt5ct/colors", "/usr/share/budgie-    desktop/qt5ct/colors", "/usr/local/share/qt5ct/colors", "/usr/share/qt5ct/colors", "/var/lib/snapd/desktop/qt5ct/colors")

If I understand correctly, you ran qt5ct from the terminal, changed the font, pressed apply, and that’s the output? In that case I don’t know, very sry

Have you installed the snap version of VLC or the deb version? If the former I would not expect the qtct stuff to work. If the latter then not really sure. Maybe VLC is hardcoding stuff or there is some configuration option buried in the app config/preferences.

Yes, the Snap would not accept it.
@ruwe is this issue with all QT apps, including ones from the repo?

Cool … using the debian instead of the snap package did the trick … everything is perfect, now. Fonts change according to the Budgie Settings.

In my - uninformed - opinion, the debian and the snap package were basically the same thing.

I noticed, though, that I am unable to edit the eclipse.ini file of the snap package. One source on the net recommended editing the file to change the font-size in Eclipse. This probably tells something about the limitations of the a snap package.

They look and function the same yes. However from my understanding of SnapCraft, Snaps install binaries inside a tiny containerized distro named snap. This would therefore not read your system settings, unless you install qt5ct as a snap; that doesn’t seem to exist

I have heard that snap package shall replace the debian package system over the long (correct me, if I’m wrong…).

If snap packages are resistant to system setting, that is definitely a flaw/ bug, that needs rework.

It will replace the Ubuntu system if all goes to plan; SnapCraft is by Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu. It’s not a bug, it’s the way they’re isolated; some snaps, known as ‘classic’ snaps, don’t use this isolation and therefore can respect system settings.

No. No intention to replace deb packages. Most deb packages are maintained in debian … and debian will not be swapping to using snaps.