Window sizes inconsistent

I have got a new laptop, an Asus Vivobook and one of the first things I did was installing Ubuntu Budgie on it. :slightly_smiling_face:

My Asus has a higher screen resolution than my old Dell. The screen is configured to 1920x1080.

Now some app windows have very different font sizes. In Budgie settings, for example, the fonts are a lot bigger than in the VLC Player.

How can I fix this?


VLC is a Qt app. Are the apps you are having issues with Qt based? They have to be configured separately … Gtk configuration changes dont change Qt stuff.

I am not a Qt person so cant really help with customisation options though.

I am not sure.

When I increase the height of the top panel, the applet icons inside also don’t grow accordingly (except the Budgie Menu icon).

Is this related?

Budgie panel doesnt scale most applets. Usually a fixed size somewhat. It’s an area I may look at at some point if I find some time, but mostly to work out if there are solutions to allow smaller panel sizes.

Thanks for looking into this.

I’ll search the net to find something out about the Qt-apps.

Any result I will let you you know …

I can help here. Install the qt5ct package from the repos, then open “Qt5 Settings” from the menu. There, under the fonts tab, change your font. If you run into a snag, check Can't use Qt5ct to change global application style to kvantum first