Can't use Qt5ct to change global application style to kvantum

Here’s the error:

I’ve tried TONS of solutions, not a single one worked ;(
I just want to change the application style to kvantum. For now, I use MenuLibre to add -style kvantum to everything, but it’s obviously inconvenient. Any help appreciated.

Don’t tell me to use the GTK2 style btw, it’s broken with every dark theme I’ve tried, including pocillo-dark
I want to use kvantum anyways

You will need to unset the environment variable in the picture via you home .bashrc

Or both?
In addition, this is Zsh, so I’ll use .zshrc.
However, if I remember correctly, the .zshrc/.bashrc only opens after a terminal is open, and applies only to the terminal session.

The message says to unset one variable and set the other.

I have never used .zsh but wherever you define environment variables for ash you need todo the above.

Okay, I’ll do that, but as I said, .bashrc and it’s zsh counterpart execute when the shell is opened, so should I set it in /etc/environment instead?

.profile is probably better since it is local to your session rather than system wide

right, right. thanks

So here’s what I did:

  1. add unset QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE; QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=qt5ct to ~/.profile
  2. Do the same to /etc/environment (if you want it system wide)
  3. profit