Pocillo QT theming and controls

Split post from 20.04 Qt5ct inclusion

Thank you so much! If we are using QT5ct, I recommend using Kvantum, with the Kvantum theme Arc (Part of Arc KDE, at https://github.com/PapirusDevelopmentTeam/arc-kde). Since the GTK2 style for Pocillo is arc anyways, this won’t hurt. Alternatively, we could develop our own Kvantum theme, which reminds me - why doesn’t Pocillo have it’s own GTK2 theme? It uses Arc instead…

Pocillo QT theming and controls PLEASE HELP!

Gtk2 is dead tech. I am surprised debian and ubuntu havent dropped support together with all related apps. Guess that will happen when gtk4 arrives officially.

Happy to receive any pull requests to improve the Qt support along the lines you mentioned.

I can’t file a PR, because it’s not part of a repo. Also pls see my new post

Huh? Issues and pull requests are allowed on the Pocillo-gtk-theme project

But I’m simply proposing using a new Qt theme, which Pocillo is unrelated to, unless you mean a kvantum-pocillo theme - I can try working on that if I understand it. Also check out my other post by the way

Incorporating the Qt theme as a selectable option in Qt5 config … if it’s possible the theme should be built within the current Pocillo theme project which will make maintenance much easier.

I see. I suggest that the theme devs learn https://github.com/tsujan/Kvantum/tree/master/Kvantum, it’s very easy compare to GTK themes - just one config file and one SVG file containg elements. Also, Kvantum should be included by default for 20.04, I say.
Kvantum is an easy way to make QT themes, and Manjaro already uses the approach I outlined above for all variants using GTK desktops, including Manjaro Budgie

If you are referring to this package qt5-style-kvantum then it is available in the repos since 19.04

I am, I’m saying it should be included with the distro

If we had an acceptable theme to make use of it then yes it could be included.

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Well, then I’ll task myself with making one lol. My first priority should be one using the standard Pocillo colors (dark+light), right?

@fossfreedom so this is where I need help. I need a designer to change this SVG: https://transferxl.com/00vGBqCpLdZ9Qw to the UB colorscheme (there’s a download button on bottom, click it and extract ZIP which produces a SVG). After that, I’ll publish it. Maybe you could start a ‘contest’ like you did with Use your inkscape skills for livepatch, thanks

Any update on this? I’m eager to make a Pocillo Qt theme to get Qt applications to work perfectly…

Please make the svg available on github so that people can download and contribute.

Link the repo here and I will post on social media .

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yes I will very soon thanks

So,I got it on a GitLab repo. You’ll notice it’s just Materia-kv, slightly modded. https://gitlab.com/Gsbhasin84/pocillo-qt
The svg’s are in their respective directories

The svg files need colouring as per the UB colour palette https://github.com/UbuntuBudgie/assets/tree/master/Color%20Palette

If you need help, sorry I can’t help much, but if you open an issue at https://github.com/tsujan/Kvantum/issues the author is happy to help! The Manjaro distro did this for their own Qt theming: https://github.com/tsujan/Kvantum/issues/282

Please file a PR on GitLab and ping me here in this forum, so that I know to check it out and accept it (if it works :stuck_out_tongue:)

Thank you for the edit, should I edit the post to say help needed or something?