Use your inkscape skills for livepatch

Disco (19.04) has added by default a new application link to set up Live Patch - so kernel updates can happen without needing a reboot.

I need anyone who likes playing with Inkscape or similar to take the livepatch logo and fit it into the Moka style design. Can you help out please?


So this is a link to the livepatch.svg

And this iis a link to the Moka template

can’t upload svg here so ill make a pull request, dont know if its good enough

Would this be all right?


Exact sizes. Can be downloaded. Moka has png files. Can be resized with Gimp.

Or maybe like this?


What is above. Not to scale. The arrow is transparent.

The icons need to be done within the Template.svg file itself on the icon layer Moka has a rendering script that extracts the images. The .svg file is kept for further changes if required in the future.

Alternatively, individual .svg files for each size we can use by adding to Pocillo rather than to Moka. Pocillo uses .svg not .png files.

SVG images can’t be uploaded here. Send them to you by email. I am not good at Inkscape, just playing.


I’m quite pleased with how this Moka icon looks.
I’ve implemented my own icons before so thought I’d give it a go in the hope that it proves helpful.
If enthusiastic, you can let me know how you’d like to receive the .svg.

Thanks - can you do a pull request against our Pocillo git repo please?

With yours, @chdsl and @Gabb1995 I have now got three icons to decide between.

Much appreciation for everyone’s efforts :slight_smile:

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Thanks everyone - all three suggestions basically settled on similar designs.


So I took the icons and reworked them back into the original template so that the sizing matched with what upstream was expecting and pushed this to the upstream repository via this PR

I’ll upload this to disco soon.

thx all.



moka-icon-theme/src/bitmaps/L/livepatch.svg at snwh-master2 · UbuntuBudgie/moka-icon-theme · GitHub

The moka-icon-theme author has reviewed the live-patch icon we came up with:

The arrow emblem on some of these are out of proportion relative to the background, try comparing with another icon to get the right size.

Could you please have a relook to address the icon-theme authors concerns (like to the icon above)?