Your chance to update the installer slideshow for 21.10

Hi folks,

our 21.04 installer slideshow is in need of a refresh to reflect 21.04 changes - namely using Pocillo-dark theme and no longer using Moka icons.

So we need someone to help-out who can grab screenshots and resize those screenshots - are you up-to-this task?

How to help:

  • Fork our repo GitHub - UbuntuBudgie/ubuntu-budgie-slideshow: fork of bzr ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu
  • Our current screenshots are in the subfolder slideshows/ubuntu-budgie/slides/screenshots
  • Take a look at the current screenshot and grab a new screenshot by running a virtual-machine version of 21.04 Ubuntu Budgie 21.04 (Hirsute Hippo) Daily Build
  • All screenshots should be exactly 448x304 - Please use GIMP to scale images and set interpolation to “Sinc (Lanczos3)”
  • The icons you see on the slideshow are in slideshows/ubuntu-budgie/slides/screenshots - these need to be updated as well
  • you can test the updated screenshot and icons by running ./