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Need your help with missing Moka icons


Hi there,

Our default iconset is Pocillo which uses Moka to display stylish application icons.

We note in 18.10 & 19.04 more and more applications have changed their icon-name.

Moka needs to know about the name change. Otherwise the applications own icon will be used instead - this leaves an inconsistent menu etc.

So please have a look at your menu (switch back to Pocillo or Moka temporarily if you are using another icon-set)

If you see an icon that does have the “squarial” Moka shape please let us know.

Three pieces of information is needed - so have a look in /usr/share/applications for the applications .desktop file

We need to know the application name and the value of the line “Icon=”. Also we need to know the package name you used to install the application.

So we are aware of the following applications that we are going to propose a fix for the upstream project:

File-Roller (archive manager)
GNOME Mahjongg
Login WIndow
GNOME System Monitor
GNOME Settings
GNOME Contacts (18.04)


system monitor


Application name =Zoom
Value of the line “Icon=” = Zoom.png
Package name = zoom_amd64.deb
Download Link = https://zoom.us/client/latest/zoom_amd64.deb

Application name = Private Internet Access
Value of the line “Icon=” = pia
Package name = pia-linux-1.1-02537.run
Download Link = https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/pages/download

I also noticed a system icon for “Livepatch” does not follow the icon theme
Value of the line “Icon=” = livepatch
Package name = Installed by default

I know Zoom and Private Internet Access are not in the repos but it would be nice for them to match the icon set because they are very popular and will be installed by a lot of people.


I’m really looking for apps that have had their icons renamed.

I’m not a designer in any shape or form! So I will not be even attempting to design brand new icons



Some of them,


last nights update should catch all of those.


I just did an update, and it did catch up.


Rocco, great to see you in here!


I have been looking for someone to help with theming/Icon design, etc. - but those types of talents seem to be hard to find in OSS.

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Bit off topic, but

Pocillo brown on Pocillo dark theme