How do I install Folder Color for Nemo

UB actually has 9 colours of folder icons in Pocillo, and the rest of the other category icons, such as app icons in Moka. Maybe, its better (useful) to have separate 9 colour sets of folder icons, that is, separate the different colour folder icons to have Pocillo blue, brown, green, grey, orange, pink, purple, red, yellow icons for the users to choose from.

Those are the folder-color icons. So if you use Nemo-foldercolor you can change folder colours.

Where can I find Nemo-foldercolor?

ping @costales ! No joy with uploading nemo folder-color ?

I see also your PPA hasn’t yet got a disco version

This I know. About @costales folder-color. This maybe all right for Ubuntu, but not needed with Linux Mint, for it gives all its colour icon sets separately. Maybe, it is also best to give Pocillo colour icons separately.

No intention to-do so - we will have to agree to disagree on this. The defaults work well. Folder Color there is to give everyone options to highlight folders with colours and emblems.

Will Folder-Color be included in UB by default?

The intention is to include it as a default. nautilus folder-color was the default in 18.10. Nemo Folder Color was also going to be pushed - @costales was pursing this.

Obviously if it isnt in the repo’s, we cannot include it as a default.

Understood. At least UB default Pocillo has folder colours, Ubuntu default Nautilus has none. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Just looked in the deb package. Atm, the folder-colors of that ppa is only for Nautilus, and UB’s default is Nemo.


He didn’t upload yet. I sent a remember email a few days ago, but not luck. Is there not another way?

I extended now the PPA to Disco.

Best regards.

not really - we need a friendly developer who has rights to upload. I can’t myself since I just have specific package upload rights.

Thanks for the PPA update - at least that is a workaround for 19.04. Hopefully better luck with uploading for 19.10.

I’ll write him in a few days again…

If you find anything wrong in 19.04, please, ping me :slight_smile:

A hug!


Yes, Mint has several themes with the change of folders:

Are you talking about this feature, aren’t you?


A new entry as “Global Folder Color” in Style of Budgie Desktop Settings would be nice. For free space, it could be a ‘color’ icon theme with inherits from a root icon theme.

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It would be nice in UB. Does your script change folder icon colours with Nemo in UB?
Your script depends of Nautilus, I suppose. Could you change that to Nemo? Would it also work with the application themes?


Folder Color works with Nautilus, Caja & Nemo file browsers.

The issue is Folder Color for Nemo is not in the official Ubuntu repositories.

You can install for Nemo here for UB 19.04.

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Have you tried Folder Color with Pocillo?


In which UB version are you? From UB 18.10 the folder icons are the right:

Is it not working for you?

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We are talking about Nemo in 19.04. And, all folders to have uniform colour.
This was done manually. Only, now the app theme too has to have the brown high light colour. With Mint, they had made all matching colours.

As here, with Mint-Y-Sand on UB 19.04,
If the app can make both the folder colours and the app theme to match, then it would be nice.

@costales I was thinking of having a go myself at uploading nemo-folder-color to debian --> ubuntu for 19.10.

Please can you confirm whether nemo-folder-color is a python2 based extension or a python3 extension. If python2 this will be nigh-on-impossible to upload I guess since python2 is being talked about being dropped from all distributions.

Hi David!

It’s a python3 extension, remember that Ubuntu MATE is installing it by default too.

If you can to upload if would be great. If you can ping me your email here or by telegram @costales I could ask to the MOTU again with you in copy (for avoiding duplicate work).

I updated the code and PPA today, because there were a few dumps launching Nautilus from shell in Ubuntu 18.04+. You should upload the version 0.0.87.

Thanks in advance! A hug.