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Folder Color hasn't the right icon



The distro is preinstalling Folder Color by default, but the icon changed is not the right. This is because the icon theme (pocillo) is not including the colors.
Could be possible to ask for this? (How to do it)

Thanks in advance!


More than happy to receive a pull request to resolve



I’m not a designer, but I could try to customize the current folder icons in another color with Inkscape :sweat_smile:

A critical question is: How could be possible to upload those icons? I suppose it has to be an official package in Debian? Maybe is there another fast and simple way? (they would be just a *.svg files).

Thanks in advance!


Ok. If we just drop the recoloured icons into the right subfolders in the github repo I will do the packaging and upload to Ubuntu.



ping to @fossfreedom :slight_smile:

I uploaded the files. Just:

  • Copy them to /usr/share/icons/Pocillo
  • sudo update-icon-caches /usr/share/icons/Pocillo

Pull request is here.


Best regards!


merged and uploaded. Thanks for your contribution. Much appreciated :slight_smile: