Ubuntu Budgie 22.10 Folder color (not working/present)

In 22.04 (and several previous), the color of a folder could be changed in the File Manager, by right clicking the folder and selecting an item from that menu.

This function seems to have disappeared with 22.10—is that correct? If so, was it announced previously?

Which file manager are you referring to - nautilus or nemo?
Folder-color https://launchpad.net/~costales/+archive/ubuntu/folder-color

Installed Software says both of nautilus and nemo are present. Result of the

apt show ubuntu-budgie-desktop

command lists nemo; I take it that that means nemo is the default.

As the above indicates, I am far—very far—from being an “advanced user.”


nemo is indeed the default in ubuntu budgie.

You must have manually installed nautilus - or you have installed gnome-shell previously that defaults to nautilus.

Nemo needs folder-color-nemo from that PPA. The package isn’t available in the repos.

Thanks very much for the pointers; I have been able, today, to consult a member of my local Linux User Group, in an on-line session, and he was able to work through the problem.

You can help others by detailing the steps you took to resolve. Thanks

Unfortunately, my knowledge is as meagre as my memory (and I did not take notes), so I can’t oblige you with an account of what was done.

Will try to be more considerate of other Ubuntu Budgie users on a future occasion (of which there probably will be one).