Folder-color : set default color?


is there a way to set a default color for folder from folder-color ?

Let’s say I want all my folders be red by default from now on, how can I say it to folder-color ?

( yes I’m kind of tired of blue folders everywhere, lol )

You wouldn’t use folder color for that. For Papirus, you have For Moka/Pocillo, just read

Oh nice !

papirus-folder is a script / command-line utility, it would be nice to have its feature brought into the budgie-settings gui, sort of. Being able to chose the dominant / accentuation color for folders + applets accordingly.

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Indeed, it would :stuck_out_tongue: hopefully it is implemented

Oh damn, papirus-folder acts system-wide, now all the sessions using papirus have another color by default.

How make it change per session instead of system wide ?

Not sure :frowning: Maybe open an issue, until then change the color back to ‘blue’

…because now there is a mess also in my folder colors, changes are not applied…


Some workaround →
→ don’t install Papirus icons in default system place /usr/share/icons but only in /root/.icons
→ and install Papirus icons in each personal folder in ~/.icons

That way you’ll be able to
⋅ set a color for root user system wide using
sudo -H papirus-folders -v -C color -t Papirus -u
⋅ set a different color in each user session ( where papirus icons are installed ) using
papirus-folders -v -C color -t Papirus -u

It seems in 18.04 /usr/share/icons always override ~/.icons

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