What GTK Themes are you using?

From a project view point we are interested with what GTK themes you actively use on a day-to-day basis. What is great about them?

This will help us plan for the future - so please let us know. Thx

The themes we ship with are:

  • Arc theme
  • Pocillo
  • Qogir(Budgie)

Budgie Welcome also offers (from 21.10 and later):

  • vimix-theme
  • materia
  • mojave-theme
  • whitesur-theme

Nowadays is Vimix-theme ( dark/ruby ).

I used to use Adapta gtk-theme ( dark/deeporange ).

Both themes are available as snap, which allow snap app’s to be themed accordingly.
Adapta is no longer maintained by its creator.

Vimix looks a bit more finished :

…the authentication dialog box was a bit broken in Adapta dark mode.

Vimix plays nice with pixel-saver and global menu ( even if I try to leave global menu since it will soon or later be broken ).

I quite like the green or red text to catch attention on recommanded or important action.

What matters to me :
⋅ ability to chose an accent / dominant color ( I don’t want blue )
⋅ availability in .deb and snap ( as long as snap is a thing, at least for chromium )
⋅ dark mode

What I’d like :
⋅ themes with easy Qt equivalent ( for Scribus, Krita, Kdenlive ),
⋅ being able to set transparency for panels ( ie. 60% transparent for horizontal panel, and 90% transparent for vertical panel ),
⋅ blur « behind » transparent areas.
→ last two are pure cosmetic / aesthetic details. First is a real concern.

I don’t care about :
⋅ macOS / Windows look alike
⋅ CSD as most app’s I need for work have « big » menus ( LibreOffice, Gimp, Scribus and almost all « serious » editors - CSD are fine in more « minimalist » app’s ).

Emphasis on I / me cause it’s my own point of view in my very own workflow.


thx - in terms of Adapta - there seems to be quite a few “forks” around with various changes. Might be worth checking those forks Network Graph · adapta-project/adapta-gtk-theme · GitHub

I’ve been using Kripton , because it’s the perfect Dark theme.

I pair it with Zafiro Icons , they go well together.

very dark :slight_smile:

its a shame that there is no GTK+4 support with that theme. That is a big problem from a future-proof point of view.

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I’m using the White Sur theme but with all the great themes provided by UB, you may have to ask me again in a month… In fact, this screenshot is already outdated as I’m now using the White Sur icons. :slight_smile:

I’m using a customized version of Matcha-aliz.

Matcha is maintained by the Manjaro team and is derived from Arc, but I find it to be more consistent than Arc and it can be more easily tweaked through the CSS (Arc uses gresource if I’m not mistaken, which is a pain to fiddle with).
I like how modern, consistent (in colours, button prominency, etc…) and professional it looks like. It’s also actively developed, contrary to Arc, and thus the work to adapt it to GTK-4 was rather quick.

Also, I can use the customized Matcha-aliz on Ubuntu and plain Matcha-sea on Manjaro for each distro to have its specific identity (orange-red-aubergine for Ubuntu, and green-turquoise for Manjaro).
Another important criteria is that highlights depend on the variation of Matcha you picked, whereas Arc only has blue highlights and I came to dislike them strongly.

Think you are referring to GitHub - vinceliuice/Matcha-gtk-theme: Matcha is a flat Design theme for GTK 3, GTK 2 and Gnome-Shell</tit

It isn’t a manjaro specific theme.

It does look similar to some of Vince’s other themes though

It might be what I’m referring to, but… From the screenshots on that Github page, it seems outdated.
Matcha on Manjaro has been adapted incrementally from about April to July for both GTK-4 and Gnome 40.

The page on Github and Gnome-Look say the latest release was early August and brought GTK4 and Gnome 40 support. So it seems to be the part! But don’t rely on that Github page screenshots!

It’s also always supported Budgie. There are 402 results on searching for budgie in the gtk-4.0 css file. :smiley:
I’m referring to Manjaro because it’s their official theme, but other color variants look great on Ubuntu!

I’m too lazy for a screenshot now though (as I’d need to process the image for personal info).

Since I’ve already made my theme preferences known many times in other places in this forum, I’m sure you all already know that I’ve used the Plata theme so far. Since I have been very satisfied with Plata so far, there was no reason for me to change the theme.

However, the above post by @Coeur-Noir got me thinking. Since the Plata theme, just like the Adapta theme, is probably no longer maintained, it would certainly be time to look around for another theme. Since there was an update for the Vimix theme with fixes for the Budgie Desktop via the Ubuntu Budgie Backports repository just a few days ago, I decided to give Vimix another try. And I have to admit, the Vimix theme is a nice and coherent theme that I really like so far. It goes well with the Papirus icon theme and with my wallpaper.

Another advantage of the Vimix theme, but this is of course entirely my personal opinion, is that in the standard version the tooltips are displayed with black lettering on a white background, just like in Pocillo.

@fossfreedom Wouldn’t it be a good idea to offer the Vimix icon theme via Budgie Welcome to match the Vimix GTK theme?

Please, please, do a screenshot, in any dominant color other than blue, please, please :slight_smile:

The nice thing about the Vimix theme is that it comes in different colours. So you are spoilt for choice of colour. I initially chose doder (i.e. blue) because blue is a much-used colour that people are used to. But the standard colours of Vimix are actually very pleasant to look at and therefore worth a try.

You are right, by the way, Vimix and Global Menu actually seem to work quite well together.

I’m using
tweaked version of orchis theme and tela-blue-dark icon theme.



This is mine, very simple.
It is a new installation. The system is really stable, i really love it!

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