[ snap ] give same gtk and icon themes for all snap


if your gtk theme and icon sets of choice are available as snap, then you can apply them to all your snap app’s at once.

Example here is with Adapta gtk I use a lot. And papirus icons.

This ↓ is the first snap package for regular « cyan » adapta gtk theme, which includes also papirus icons.

This ↓ second one is only gtk theme but with all color variants !

Then you have to connect these themes and icons to your snap app’s :

for i in $(snap connections | grep gtk-common-themes:gtk-3-themes | awk '{print $2}'); do sudo snap connect $i adapta-theme-colorpack:gtk-3-themes; done
for i in $(snap connections | grep gtk-common-themes:gtk-2-themes | awk '{print $2}'); do sudo snap connect $i adapta-theme-colorpack:gtk-2-themes; done
for i in $(snap connections | grep icon-themes | awk '{print $2}'); do sudo snap connect $i adapta-gtk-snap:icon-themes; done

If you want to apply theme and icon on a per snap basis :

sudo snap connect chromium:gtk-3-themes adapta-gtk-snap:gtk-3-themes
sudo snap connect chromium:icon-themes adapta-gtk-snap:icon-themes

here ↑ for Chromium with initial adapta “cyan” + papirus icons.

Big thanks to https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/adapta-gtk-theme-colorpack/17891/3?u=coeur-noir and of course @bashfulrobot and @fossfreedom

gimp | chromium

audacity ( beta )

Maybe what I’ll do is create a temp snap under my personal account (since I don’t know the official name format yet) for people to us for now And then we can publish official with autoconnection under budgie.

@fossfreedom thoughts?

Its likely to be gtk-theme-pocillo

I presume you are referring to an edge snap?

yeah. an edge snap until it can be tested properly. I’ll follow the above structure for the snap name. If you are confident on the structure - I will just build it under the official org.

yeah - I would do it under the official - looks like snapcrafters are settling on that convention (seen it mention is a few threads)