Theming is too annoying & glitchy

I am using Ubuntu Budgie v20.04.1

Vimix, Ant & other few built-in themes do not support transparent topbar & snap & flatpak.
Yes I know, I have to install those themes in flatpak but still its not respecting them.

Whenever I try to change theme from Budgie Desktop Settings & then reopen Budgie Desktop Settings, it reset the theme, icons, cursor, etc.

Material Design (Adapta) has no icon pack or maybe broken so it crash sometime.

Top Panel Section, I reduce the icon size to 32 but after few time it reset to 39.

Sounds like you have messed up your dconf database and/or messed up permissions in your local folders.

Suggest test this theory by creating a new user, logging into that new account and then apply that budgie welcome theme.

Note snaps dont theme just yet for third party themes and flatpak you have to install a flatpak theme.

for me everything working fine. did not hear any complaints so far from anyone else.

yes i did install theme for flatpak but its not respecting the installed theme.

Mmm… sort of. There are some gtk-themes in snap. You may have to manually connect them to some snap. Not sure it’s still necessary. See [ snap ] give same gtk and icon themes for all snap

@krishnatorque you should check for rights and permissions issues in your personal folder

 find ~ ! -user $USER 

If everything’s fine there will be no answer.
Else, it will list files that don’t belong to $USER

Vimix, Ant & other few built-in themes do not support transparent topbar

Many 3rd party themes simply don’t have top panel transparency. A work around is to use the built in theme, but colors may not match.