Themes not changing layout

Hi, I am using Budgie for some time and love it.

When I installed the Budgie desktop on top of Ubuntu, it came with a bunch of pre-installed themes. I also installed other themes.

About half of the 30 or so themes (Numix, Pocillo, Pop, Vimix, etc.) change the desktop colors and layouts as expected.

Other themes (Industrial, Emacs, Crooks, Clearlooks, Bright and other) appear to all fall back to the same default theme, not changing colors or layout at all.

Interestingly, those theme are only visible under Budgie desktop, and not Gnome.

Am I not able to use these themes, or do I need to install additional packages or change settings?

Think those themes are GTK2 based only. So only GTK2 apps will change. All default UB apps are gtk3 based.