Budgie Panel Not Following GTK Theme

So I had an issue where the Budgie panel would not follow the GTK theme. I followed the below link to correct. I do not have this issue in EndeavorOS Budgie so not sure why that is.


Just an update, issue seems to occur with Nord Darker Theme, but again same theme on EndeavorOS Budgie does not have this issue.

Please use a theme that has budgie specific support. Without it the panel will be unthemed.

Strange that the same theme works in another OS running the Budgie DE. Anyways I will just use the hack I found. Thank you for the reply.

well - are you sure that endeavour is indeed using the same theme … or a fixed version from somewhere else?

Or have they just used the inbuilt theme with Nord (via budgie-desktop-settings - style) ?

I manually installed the Nord Theme I use on my Ubuntu Budgie install.