Improvements for Pocillo

I’d like to suggest some improvements be made to Pocillo, so that UB retains it’s unique style while being a little more friendly to new users, as I was telling @fossfreedom earlier. I’d implement these myself and fork Pocillo, but I only know enough theming to change border-radius (how round a theme is), and the colors. Here are my suggestions:

  • Don’t get the window control style from the headerbar. Upstream Materia does this, but Pocillo shouldn’t - the Pocillo/Moka controls might feel ‘awkward’ to users coming from stock Ubuntu (with Yaru) or Windows. I suggest we modify Pocillo to use window controls similar to Qogir, as a brilliant example implementing this.
  • Make the normal variants (not slim ones) not have such big tabs (and maybe other elements) - although it’s a considerable improvement over stock Materia, some things are still HUGE. For example, Tilix with tabs enabled using the standard Pocillo:

    Compare this to the Slim version:

    That feels much better, in my opinion.

And that’s all I can remember. This is all my personal opinion, but I think a lot of people might agree with me. For reference, here is Pocillo’s current design with the Pocillo/Moka Icons:

And here’s Qogir:

Controls in the second one probably feel better to most users.


Disagree with the controls request.

The other suggestions are reasonable.

Happy to receive any fixes by anyone via our theme repo

Curious, why do you disagree with the controls request?

Also, a side note, why dont we add Firefox instead of chromium?

Firefox has been the default app since 19.04

I personally dont like the Qogir controls. The current controls are part of the distinctive design of Pocillo. Not to say it cant be tweaked but I am not moving wholesale away from the current control design.

Ah, never mind. I don’t mean copying Qogir, I don’t like Qogir’s controls very much too. Just saying we should slightly tweak them, the maximize button the most.

As I said, happy to tweak and receive any suggestions as a pull request.

Alright, will check it out. Also, a suggestion: why dont we host UB code on our own GitLab or Gitea server?

No real advantages to self host. Have to maintain it ourselves … cost etc.

Oh okay. If you know anything about themes, would you mind telling me where everything involving tabs is? (in Pocillo) thanks

I would analyse the structure of tilix via GTK_DEBUG=interactive tilix and that will help with theming discovery

Okay, never knew that thanks

Didn’t work, unfortunately. GTK Inspector doesn’t launch. I’ve got the necessary packages installed (from, but doesn’t work

@fossfreedom Also, why are all the gtk assets ‘yellow’ for pocillo? check gtk-common or gtk-3.24/assets

During theme compilation the assets are coloured correctly

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I made a proper GTK2 theme to replace Arc (for standard Pocillo at least), I’ll make a PR. First, screenshots of course :slight_smile:

That’s our current GTK2 theme (the menu bar is supposed to be dark, but I used Pocillo-light as I modified the standard Pocillo)

What I propose
As you can see, the second one fits in much better with Pocillo. @fossfreedom should I make a PR?

I want to make a PR but i cant figure out where i should change stuff in my fork :stuck_out_tongue: since all variants are bundled into one folder, the gtk2 folder has a ton of different stuff - I was considering replacing the gtk2 folder, but with the structure of the code, that’s impossible. @fossfreedom can you help here?

Not sure what you intend to merge via a PR.

For GTK2 there is a normal, light and a dark variant as denoted via gtkrc, gtkrc-light and gtkrc-dark respectively. They basically set up the colours for each .rc file which describes the gtk2 widgets.

Currently, Pocillo GTK2 uses Arc. I intend to change that to a Materia based gtk2 theme, look above. I can send you the code if you want to make a pr

make the PR via github - the PR needs to retain the standard (Pocillo), dark and light variants.

Don’t mind if you replace the current GTK2 stuff