Testing the new Pocillo theme

I’ve had a go at remaking our Pocillo default theme.

The intention here is to add GTK+4 support in addition to GTK+3.

This is a “reimagination” rather than a recreation of the existing theme found in 20.04/20.10 & 21.04

Do let me know your thoughts - as always any help to develop the theme is most welcome

Instructions how to install are here Release Impish Indri · UbuntuBudgie/pocillo-gtk-theme · GitHub

Note - for the purposes of testing - the theme is called “NewPocillo” so you can compare and contrast with the existing Pocillo theme.


Greetings from Germany.

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First test:
I find the new Pocillo Theme realy good. Simple, very good contrast and colors. And, much better, no circle around the close button.
Only the notifications has black text on black background.
The Libreoffice startpage is black on the side panel.

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ok - I believe I have fixed the notification and libreoffice issues. I’ve uploaded a v0.2 tarball to github Release Impish Indri · UbuntuBudgie/pocillo-gtk-theme · GitHub

Hopefully the libreoffice changes hasnt broken other apps :crossed_fingers:

I’ve checked new pocillo, new pocillo-light and new pocilla-dark and the slim variations.
With the standardt applications (libreoffice, thunderbird, firefox, preferences, kalkulator …) and the following layouts: Ubuntu Budgie and Budgie classic.
I’ve found no bugs so far.
Yeah! Pretty good!

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Alright, I’d like to help with this. I like the idea of a re-imagining, but don’t want to lose what makes it Pocillo. Every time I’ve strayed from it the past couple of years, I’ve come right back to it. The dark variation sits well with me, it’s not overly dark (like Plata).

You’re off to a good start, but it’s still feels like Materia with a bit of a colour change. The dark theme still feels a bit too dark within some of the panels, and it retains my biggest criticism of Materia, which is the “monotonousness” colours in some apps, especially in Nemo, where there’s no separation of colours between any of the *bar and panel components. This is what drew me to Pocillo, as there seemed to be a good effort to separate the UI components. And personally, I like the coloured circle on the close button :slight_smile:

It’ll likely be a least a couple weeks before I can start submitting some PR ideas, I work with modern css/scss regularly for the web, but I don’t know GTK!

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Yeah - I agree with the sidebars - updated in git at the moment.

Looking better! I’ll dive in hopefully sometime this week!

newpocillo-v0.3.tar now available that includes the sidebar changes Release Impish Indri · UbuntuBudgie/pocillo-gtk-theme · GitHub

Pocillo and QogirBudgie are now in the impish (21.10) repos together with refreshed Pocillo icons.