Pocillo, if set vertical left, panel no longer shows « underlinings » for running app's?


when at horizontal bottom screen, icon task list in a pocillo themed panel shows underlining for running app’s, in minimized windows.

( if size of panel is big enough, though ).

If set to vertical left side of screen, there is no way to see those underlining. Some other themes provide underlining for running app’s ( arc… ) but seem to produce weird behavior with size/height of panel so I stay with pocillo - which is very beautiful anyway :slight_smile:

Example :

Ubuntu-budgie 18.04, by the way.

Hmm. Sounds like a bug.

Please raise this here https://github.com/ubuntubudgie/pocillo-gtk-theme

Fixes and other contributions to the theme are most welcome

Hey, hey, nice !

Sorry for coming back here…

…does it mean it’s « updated » in repo ? I mean if I need to do some fresh UbuntuBudgie install’s from 18.04.1 iso, will I have to re-build Pocillo theme afterwards ?

Pocillo has not yet been updated in 18.04. We usually wait until there is enough low priority issues to warrant a Stable Release Update.

Bug fix release of budgie-artwork which includes this fix has now been released under SRU.

Just update as normal.