ShowTime « forgets » font-size?


I see that for some weeks, font-size of showtime applet is not remembered from boot to another.

ii  budgie-showtime-applet                1.0.2+202112261248~ubuntu20.04.1            amd64        Applet displaying date and time on the Budgie Desktop

If I log out and log in again, it’s then ok. Or if I change any value in showtime settings.

Why dconf does not match what’s in desktop-settings ?

Rights and permissions look OK there

django@ASGARD:~$ ls -la ~/.config/dconf/
total 64
drwx------  2 django django  4096 déc.  28 20:07 .
drwxrwx--- 64 django django  4096 nov.  27 00:47 ..
-rw-rw-r--  1 django django 57254 déc.  28 20:07 user


Settings are no longer stored in /com/solus-project/plugins/…

So I’ve deleted the older ones, without schemas.

Why isn’t it done automatically ?
Or is there a way to purge entries without schema in dconf - if it’s safe ?

Out of topic : why screenshot when ask to take a picture of a given window adds so much space around it ?

You must have had a solus-install of our applets previously. Our applets, installed on Ubuntu Budgie never had anything under /com/solus-project/plugins/


But it’s been some years I use UbuntuBudgie ( since 17.10 I think ) and I’ve probably only upgraded from version to version - LTS mostly now.

I can’t see how I could have installed applets straight from Solus else way ?

I’ve gone back to the early days in github and the schema for showtime was ubuntubudgie rather than in solus-project back then. I can only think that you may have been testing out some-sort of dconf dump and load stuff changing paths. Or maybe an old experimental version that has long since been deleted from github.

Anyway - getting back to the original post - is showtime still forgetting its font?

As to gnome-screenshot - thats GNOME itself calculating windows sizes for non GNOME Shell based environments deliberately larger.

Might be resolved by my native screenshot rewrite … assuming I ever find the time to figure out how to sort out area screenshot banding-animations.

that’s a pertinent idea since any thing I find under solus-project ends with a « no schema found ».
I’ve deleted those too. Maybe I mismatched with this Export Budgie Desktop settings to another session? - #4 by Coeur-Noir

Any way to delete any string with no schema throughout dconf ?


Well some things seem to always come back under solus-project
which contains my icon of choice for AppMenu

and still « no schema found » which looks weird as start-here icon is actually applied where expected.


…no « menu-icon » string inside /org/ubuntubudgie/plugins/budgie-appmenu/

How did I break that ?

budgie-appmenu-applet 0.7.3+dfsg1-2ubuntu0.1


That’s normal - basically schema strings get copied into the solus “instance” area - this allows applets to be unique - you can (for most applets) have different schema values for the same applet appearing on different panels

This “instance” area is called relocated schemas - its a special category of gsettings where you access those gsettings via the schema name + its path. compiz - How can I use gsettings to configure settings with relocatable schemas? - Ask Ubuntu

You didn’t - the appmenu applet actually uses the same schema for the budgie desktop menu in addition to its own schema

Aah nice. Today at boot, fonts-sizes for showtime were again not my settings.

So deleting the « no schemas » strings was not helpful.

hmm - specific to the current user account? Try a brand new account and change the font sizes.

Yeah, good chance the dconf database is borked, especially if it is on use since… 17.04! Deleting (/renaming?) the database, immediately log out/in will fix most likely.
Your settings will be gone though, all back to defaults.

Mmm… I think I already happened to reset those settings since my beginning with UBudgie.
To be honest am not 100% sure if it’s a continuous upgraded system or if I did a new install for 20.04…

I also use this ppa for months : Index of /ubuntubudgie-dev/budgie-extras-daily/ubuntu did it bring anything new regarding showtime ?

I have other machines with UBudgie ( without the daily ppa ) and there no problem with font-size for showtime.

And yes, on that machine with the font-size problem, it seems attached to only one user.

I guess if I do a dconf dump of the now situation, I might bring back the issue with its restoring…

What do you mean by « borked » ? Any chance to clean obsolete or useless strings ?

dconf is a strange idea, good and bad at the same time : too many things in but one place to rule’em all… I think some DE have their own dconf-like database and it sounds careful after all.

Resetting won’t work if the dconf database is corrupted. You need to rename or delete, to force recreating.

Try removing showtime from the panel.

This will reset the relocatable schema

Then add showtime again and try changing the font etc

If this doesn’t work then you try resetting the while panel

nohup budgie-panel --reset --replace &

If that doesn’t work this shows a much wider dconf database issue

Note the comments to the answer including the dump example

@fossfreedom @Coeur-Noir Pretty sure resetting won’t fix. It restores defaults, but won’t replace a corrupted dconf database. forcing to recreate I am pretty sure will. Even best by removing the database with the help of a startup usb, find ~/.config/dconf of the installed Ubuntu Budgie, delete, or rename the folder if you possibly want to restore if it won’ t work, and restart.

Mmm. All these ideas worry me.

The only problem I have here is the font-size in showtime at boot, on one session. And it happens for a few weeks although I did not do any heavy « operations » on that system meanwhile.

And once again, just log out / log in right after boot is enough to fix the font-size therefore my settings seem available. I can find them in dconf, they don’t change between boots or sessions.

I am ready to believe the dconf database is corrupted but how check it before re-starting my whole DE from zero ?


as @fossfreedom suggested
⋅ I removed Showtime from panel.
⋅ reboot. No showtime on desktop as expected.
⋅ re-put Showtime in panel. To my surprise, my previous setting have been kept ( so not erased from dconf ? )
⋅ reboot. And then OK, expected font-size right at start.

Meanwhile there has been an update from budgie-extra-daily ppa and showtime applet was in the list of updated package… so who knows ?

I am the author of showtime, no changes in the update, and it is definitely not a showtime issue.

Sounds like the corruption is localised to that specific relocatable schema. Good news. But obviously keep an eye out in the future for any other app that starts to act out of place on reboot.

@vlijm ok now we know :wink:

@fossfreedom yes I’ll keep an eye as it’s my daily session at home. Wouldn’t it be « easier » to have a separate database for all Budgie stuff, instead of the very-too-much-global dconf ?

Unless you know different … I don’t think its possible.

Well, if I knew…

I think Xfce/Xubuntu has its own registry for what’s related to desktop environment.

Same ago in Lxde/(previous) Lubuntu - and probably still true in LXQt.