Showtime issues on scale and font change

Where is the best place to report bugs with the applets? I have encountered a couple of bugs with the ShowTime applet specifically.

Could you mention which they are?

First one is this one:
Second one is this: (I am pressing toggle desktop button, and if you click automatic it still doesnt come back up. You have to log out and log back in to get it back.)
Third one is this: I assume that when I am clicking those buttons it should move to different corners no?

On the diifferent points:

  1. I am unable to reproduce it. Might be an issue with the theme you are using or the font. Which are they?
  2. If you press DRAG, the window becomes a normal window, which will act on minimizing in a normal way. When setting “automatic” in a minimized state, the window will become a desktop type window again, but since you minimized it, it won’t come back by itself. Mind that draggable is meant to be a temporary thing, just to place the window. Not meant like making draggable, go on working and see when you finish the positioning job.
  3. No, that’ s not how it is meant. It is the corner of the desktop time window that will be pinned in its place when the window is resized, either by changing line distance, size or when string size is changed due to date- or time (format) change.
  1. I am using QogirBudgie Dark, and fonts are in the video
  2. Ok understood it’s a small thing just happened to me earlier and I get it
  3. Ah so its just the anchor, understood.

AH, wait, watching on a small laptop screen, missed the fact that the fonts did not disappear, but loose their style. On scaling change, that is a known issue, not on font size change though. Are you using scaling?

Yes on font size change, and yes they just lose the style. Tested also font scaling and it does the same thing.