Ubuntu Budgie 19.04 Released!


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Giving it a go today, so far it’s really nice. Enjoying it, very nice out of the box experience.


Make sure to try the QogirBudgie theme, it’s very well made!


Upgrade instructions from18.10?

It is very nice, using the dark version now.

Instructions in the release notes … link in the first post.

Yes, thanks, just found them. Do we know how long before the update is offered via Software Update? Thanks again!

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Usually takes a few days until the upgrade request is released as a update

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Congrats! You guys got a shoutout on the Linux Unplugged podcast at about 32:34 (I think) as one of the best flavors of the new version. Great job!


That’s dope! I’m going to have to go give a listen to that. It’s in my playlist, but I just haven’t gotten to it yet.

Thank you guys for the great job! Very nice release. it is incredibly fast and no issues till now. I ma using since the beta release!
Good Job

Martin Wimpress is right, Ubuntu Budgie is great. It’s stable, fast, smooth and modern. I’ve decided to use it as a daily driver. :slight_smile:

Was it Martin who gave the props? Definitely going to have to thank of next time I chat with him. :slight_smile:

Yup, that’s my recollection too… High praise from a highly accomplished source…

I’ve been using QogirBudgie-dark Theme for the last 3 days now. One of the best dark themes I’ve ever seen on Linux. Congrats.

It does fit very well with both Pocillo/Papirus-Dark icons.

I am new to the Linux world; however, over the course of the past 2 months I have installed various DEs and then used these for a few days as an evaluation. During the eval cycles, I used two different laptops to find the perfect DE for each and tested each major DE and then found that some of the lessor known DEs suited my functional needs, but some performance lags were still occasionally noted. I finally thought my best option was KDE Neon until I came across Budgie. The automated installer ran quicker than almost all others I tested… setting up configuration, installing firejail, firewalls, a few custom applications, modifying my swap drive, and other settings were quick, painless, and well handled. For me, and having truly spent a great deal of time testing 20 DEs across Dell and Lenovo, I think this DE is simply the best (and now that song is stuck in my head…). It should really be at the top of DistroWatch.


That’s a very dangerous song to me… get there and people expect too much :scream:

Leave MXers and Manjaroos the honor :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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