How to change Username?

Hi everyone,
How to change the username? In the terminal, I have minh@UBudgie. Now I want to change the old username “minh” to the new username “minhquan”, but I don’t see the “Username” in Setting.
Thank you for answering my que

You might want to look here:

Beware that it has consequences (like having to adapt your home folder). It’s not a trivial task and it’s going to slightly mess up your system (dead links and references). You should consider the risks before proceeding knowingly.

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In Settings > About
there is an option to change the device name …

Don’t know if that helps.

Depends on how deep you want to change your name…

In settings / users, you can modify your « screen » name, the one that appears on login screen and in some other places in UI. This won’t change the name on your personal folder /home/$USER and neither your name in « terminal ».

As the link posted by mezcalbert shows, you won’t be able to do such modifications on a current session. You’ll have to do that through console or another user’s session ( which has administrative rights ).

So might be easier to just create a new user, and copy paste data from /home/old_user to /home/new_user or share those data between the 2 users by adding each user to each other group, and giving write rights to group, recursively, on /home/old_user and /home/new_user

It’s one of those things that is possible, but can have side effects (such as the home folder still being labelled as the old user unless you fix it, etc) if it is not done properly. I personally would create a new user and migrate the data over.

But if you want to, have a look at

This article is quite recent, and the source site is pretty good and reliable.

Good old gnome-system-tools ( users-admin ) might be of little help here, for managing users AND groups ?