How to disable touchpad gestures for volume?

Hi, I’m using Ubuntu budgie on a laptop.
When I’m not using the mouse, I use the touchpad to scroll the screen.
Apparently there is a feature that causes that if the scrolling with 2 fingers diagonally, you can change the volume on the computer in this way.
This is terribly annoying and causes the scroll to get stuck over and over again. I searched the settings and found no way to change it. Where can I disable this feature?

Same goes for the screen rotation motion sensor, by chance I came across a combination of CTRL + O turning off the sensor. Why are many settings missing?

Well the 2 finger diagonal issue is a new one on me. I have a very new high-end laptop and I can’t reproduce your issue. Have you got any gesture type software/configuration installed?

For screen rotation - look in the panel applets you can add to your panel - there is a rotation lock applet to turn rotation on/off.

I did not install any gesture-related software. In fact, I noticed this right after the installation but since most of my use is with a mouse, I did not think it would bother me so much. It turns out that …

I am attaching a video that you can understand what I am talking about.

And as for the screen rotation sensor, I do not find such an Applet in the Ubuntu budgie settings > top panel > add applets.

You can also install it via Menu - Budgie Extras / budgie-welcome itself.

As to the volume thingy - I don’t know. Must be an unannounced feature of either mutter (unlikely) or libinput itself