Login Screen Messed Up - 20.04


Just installed Budgie 20.04 on my laptop. Coming from vanilla Ubuntu, so looking forward to using this flavor.

My first issue is with my Asus Zenbook that has a track pad that doubles as a display. The login screen is off center and cut off and duplicate displays on the trackpad. (Screenshot attached)

It looks like it is displaying “properly” on the trackpad, but the main screen is inheriting the trackpad aspect ratio for some reason.

I did not have this problem on vanilla Ubuntu 18.04 so this may be an issue with the Budgie desktop itself. On vanilla, I got the full logon screen on the main screen and just an extension to the trackpad. Once I logged in the trackpad display turned off because that’s how my settings were configured.

Are there any settings I can adjust in Budgie to fix this? I already tried turning off the secondary display of the trackpad, but that didn’t solve the logon screen issue.


Try the options in Menu - Login Window - Settings i.e. the HiDPI support and Monitor

Thanks, but that didn’t work, unfortunately.

That is called “slick-greeter” - its a lightdm greeter.

Please report this issue upstream https://github.com/linuxmint/slick-greeter

Once resolved let us know and we can get the fix pushed out to 20.04 users.

You could also try another lightdm greeter such as lightdm-gtk-greeter which is the greeter used by xubuntu.

You could also switch from lightdm to gdm3 - i.e. this is what Ubuntu uses.

Thanks. I just reported it and will let you know.