Scaling and 4k monitor issues

Three day old fresh install of U.Budgie 22.04.3. Intel IGP with mesa-intel drivers. 50" 4k “monitor” (TV) but recognized by U.Budgie as a 32" monitor of the same brand.

Sitting 8-10’ away, the login screen is completely unreadable (as one might expect I guess). Once logged in, under the display settings I have it set to 200% scaling. This makes 95% of the system seem fine. However, at least 3 of the Budgie specific apps are wonky. Budgie Welcome, Budgie Extras and Budgie Makeovers and Layouts.

There is also an issue with the screenshot app (second image) but I think that is this known issue with the screenshot app itself.

Back to the problem with the Budgie apps. When you open them, the window content is obviously not scaling correctly. Is this a known issue. Any ideas how to correct it if not?

Thanks in advance for any help!

There was a launchpad bug report about welcome not scaling correctly. I cant though reproduce this myself.

Thus to fix this will need some one to dig into the budgie welcome code (it is python based) to see what is what

If you are referring to the screenshot app running under 22.04 then yes its a known issue. We rewrote the screenshot app too fix scaling issues in 22.10 and later.

Fix is available via out backports-budgie ppa or will be in 24.04.1 when 22.04 users will be notifed of an upgrade.

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Thanks for the response!

Ok, so, if the screenshot app is fixed in 22.10 is there a decent chance that the issue I am having with the Budgie specific apps I mentioned is also “fixed” in 22.10? Or, not necessarily because the fix that fixed the screenshot app was specific to that screenshot app?

Also, is there a fix for 4k scaling on the login screen in the works, if not already addressed in more recent versions? Or is that just not going to ever really be a consideration? I ask because I realize there is a lot to do to maintain these distros and, not being a programmer in the slightest myself, wonder if that is worth the time?

Thanks again.

Edit to add: The only other thing I thought of that might be a reason for my problems with the Welcome app and the others is that I installed a core version (I think that is the term) of Ubuntu Budgie this time rather than the full version. Is it possible that has anything to do with the issue I am having do you think?

ok - this is a workaround for budgie-welcome


Thanks! I will try that at some point during the next week.

snap refresh

This will pick up the new version of welcome that now sets this environment variable by default when it is run.