Issues with HiDPI / Scaling 200%

I am running Ubuntu Budgie 22.04 on my laptop. There are some minor issues when I set scaling to 200%.

  • When positioned to the right the panel overlaps maximized windows (so you can’t actually use it on the right side).
  • Icons in the panel widgets “Task List” and “Workspace Switcher” appear blurry.
  • Screenshots (taken with gnome-screenshot) do only contain the upper left quarter of the screen. The other three quarters are simply black. This only occurs when I capture the whole screen.

All three issues only appear with scaling set to 200%. In standard (100%) mode everything is OK.

Can anyone confirm and/or is facing additional issues? Can anyone help?

Ok. For the right panel overlap that sounds like a bug.

Please create an issue upstream

For the tasklist icon i am not surprised. It is likely to be rewritten soonish. The recommendation is to use the icon-tasklist applet

For the workspace switcher please raise an issue upstream. The work around is to use the default switcher applet we include out of the box called budgie-visualspace-applet

For gnome-screenshot … yep can confirm. It is no longer being developed by gnome. It will be replaced in 22.10 with a native budgie implementation. The workaround for 22.04 is to use the budgie-screenshot -applet or another app such as flameshot

Please test the upstream solution for the right panel fix that will be ready in 12hrs from this message. Use the PPA


Remember to purge the PPA after testing to return back to the main repo version.

Let me know how things work.

Works as expected. Thank you!


So if you want this released officially please can you file a bug report on launchpad and help test the official package when Canonical requests you to-do.

To file a bug report … make sure you have purged the ppa then run in a terminal

ubuntu-bug budgie-desktop

Sorry I’ve been a quite busy lately. I would now like to resume the topic. Is it still relevant? Then I would send the bug report now?

yep - if you would like to get this officially released I need you to file a bug report … and more importantly help testing when Canonical requests to test the official fix.