Icon hover select glitches along left screen edge on vertical panel

I prefer a vertical panel and being able to run my cursor along the left side of the screen to select items. But upon hovering along the left screen edge, item selection is glitchy and flickers between registering and not registering the mouse hover. This seems to apply to all types of panel items.

Occurring on 19.04 and now on 20.04.

If it hasnt already been reported, please raise an issue upstream: https://github.com/solus-project/budgie-desktop

Do you have any nVidia or AMD graphic-cards involved ?

You may need specific drivers for these.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I see the issue has been raised here, but from what I can tell, it could be Ubuntu-specific.

Highly doubt its distro specific - just that the first poster happened to be a Ubuntu user.

Thx for digging out that issue.

Could be a theme issue though - worth testing with the plata theme which Solus uses.

Hmm, it does happen with Plata and every other theme I’ve tested. The problem seems to be confined to a left and top panel orientation, though. Right and bottom panel orientation is fine. I can’t seem to figure out how to get 2560 width working full screen on a virtual Solus install, so I can’t quite test it out properly there.

But I’ll keep other updates upstream. Thanks for the help.

I’m wondering if this is a virtualisation issue.

If you can test by writing to a USB stick and booting into a live-session on real hardware then that will help to see if its real vs virtual

hmm - it could also be an obscure HiDPI issue as well? Are you using scaling? test with and without scaling.

The issue persists on various 16:9 resolutions, with and without scaling/fractional scaling. Just to be clear, I’m having the top/left panel issue on a non-virtualized Ubuntu Budgie install. I’ve then failed to replicate at least the top panel issue on a virtualized Solus install. It’s possible that the issue occurs on at least virtual Solus with a left panel orientation, but I can’t get proper full screen resolution (2560 width) on my virtual Solus install to test that out.

I don’t have a usb stick handy, but I’ll try it out from a Solus live boot when I first get the chance. Thanks.

Just posting to confirm the problem exists on a Solus live boot as well, so yeah, not Ubuntu-specific.

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