Panel artifact and kludge to fix it

There’s a bug that causes artifact to build up on panel icons over time, causing them to become illegible. The bug has been in evidence since I started using Ubuntu Budgie in 18.04 and has persisted in 20.04.

The bug manifests as icons in the system tray becoming more and more distorted due to artifact that builds up from every change of image. Network manager and calendar notification icons are affected first. Eventually, all system tray icons will also become distorted. The buildup of artifact isn’t limited to the system tray area. Adjacent icons to the system tray can be covered by system tray artifact when the tray changes size due to the appearance and disappearance of tray icons.

Screenshot from 2020-08-17 10-28-30
Shown is the Network manager starting to get messed up from this bug.

This doesn’t affect the functionality of the item, only its appearance. Text display in the panel and system tray is not affected by this bug.

The command:

budgie-panel --replace&

run in the terminal restores the appearance of the panel and mutes the effect of this bug for the duration of the session. Momentarily changing the location of the panel in settings also mutes the bug for the session. Adding the command as a startup item mutes the effect of the artifact bug automatically.

Screenshot from 2020-08-17 10-13-48

I’m not a developer, but I’ve been using various flavors of Unix and Linux since the 90’s

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Yep. This actually has been fixed and will be part of 20.10.

We will also be backporting the fix back to 20.04 once all the key components of 20.10 has been completed and we get a bit of time to work on this.

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simply restarting the panel as a startup command fixes it. That alone could be pushed out as an interim fix until the real fix is in.

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the work to push out the fix is exactly the same - lets fix this properly.

I have a fix now for 20.04 but I need a bug report to fix against!

(also @Gabb1995 since you have reported this at 19.10 as well)

Please can you run in a terminal:

ubuntu-bug budgie-desktop

This will create a bug report - once I have uploaded the fix you will be pinged by a Canonical team member requesting you to test and confirm that the fix is indeed resolved.


Fix has completed testing and is available in your regular updates.