Ubuntu Budgie is great... But having some little issues!


I’m new to Linux, after switching from Windows & MacOs for years.

I installed Ubuntu Budgie, and having some little issues.

1/ Even after setting up my screens like that, the new window will always open on the left screen.
I setup my monitor on the right as the main display , but applications will open by default on the left display… So weird and a bit annoying.

2/ I often have pop up indicating “Software issue detected. Do you want to report it ?”
I found the “crash” folder in /var , there are some files inside.
I already cleaned the folder, and deleted the files inside, but it keeps coming back.

3/ I’m using Wine to run WeChat , and there is that awful system tray…
I already used Ubuntu, and it integrated in the top bar just like normal icon. Is there any way to integrate that icon to the top bar on Budgie please ?

Thanks a lot. I’m having a nice experience with Ubuntu Budgie, but i would like to fix that little issues !

Windows should open on the same monitor as where the cursor currently is. Also it should track where the primary monitor … i.e. open on the screen that has the budgie panel.

The var crash report should give an indication of what package is crashing. When you see the apport dialog you need to report the issue to launchpad.

I think the wine system tray needs the system tray applet added to the panel. Use budgie desktop settings … look for your panel and add applet.

Thank you for answer.

About Wine System Tray, i tried but couldn’t find any way to add it to the top bar.

Add the shown applet to your panel

It works ! Awesome
Thanks a lot, finally i know how to do that.

There are some times that there would be popup boxes that would open for me on my other monitor, which is my TV, since for some reason, it won’t be registered by my system as being off, it does that in both Windows and Linux. If you are not seeing a window opening that you are waiting to see, you could check on the taskbar area if there are more than one window open to help in finding the other one. That is what I have to do from time to time in both operating systems.

Another trick is to use a keyboard combination, namely “Super + Ctrl + arrow (left or right)”, to move a window from a screen to another.
This should work in Budgie too if I’m not mistaken.
I currently have my second display shut down and whenever a window appears on the wrong screen, I just call it back with that combination. Very handy. :slight_smile:

When you say Super, which key are you referring to?

That is also known as the windows key.

Alright, that makes sense, I just had never heard it referred to that way before.

Hehe, I have a Tux print now, and before a sticker over. For me, it’s the super key now, even on Windows at work. :joy: