Screenshot area misses with second screen

I have a fresh install of 22.04 and connected a second screen. Now when I take screenshots of an area, the area misses completely and just screenshots somewhere completely different. Very frustrating. I have another identical laptop with another older version of budgie that works perfectly on the same screen. So nothing with the hardware I assume.

how are your screens aligned with each other in budgie-control-center - displays ?

Is the second screen a 4K screen?

The external screen is a 2560x1080 and the laptop is 1920 x 1080. Doesn’t matter which one is primary, misses either way. I think it could have happened after I moved the alignment of the montiors. Earlier the laptop screen was straight below the external, now it’s more in the left corner. Just installed the standard ubuntu screenshotter and that works so not a big issue for me anymore.